Departmental / Domestic Supplies

Major Projects Participated In

1. Supply of Weapons & Ammunition to the various Law Enforcement Agencies through Wah Industries Ltd.

2. Supply of Small Arms & Ammunition to the various Private Arms Dealer throughout Pakistan of our branded products.

3. Import of Weapons & Ammunition to:

a. Pakistan Defence Officer Housing Authority, Karachi
b. Joint Staff Headquarters, Strategic Plans Division, Rawalpindi
c. Frontier Corps, Qila Balahisar, Peshawar
d. Frontier Constabulary HQ’s Peshawar.
e. Punjab Police, Lahore.
f. Islamabad Police HQ’s Islamabad.
g. Sindh Police, Karachi
h. Peshawar Police, KPK, Peshawar
i. National Highway & Motorway Police, Islamabad.
j. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Police, Muzzafrabad.