Our company has been established since 1952, working in the field of Manufacturing, Import/Export, Wholesale & Retail, business of all sorts of Sporting Arms for the consumption of public in general and imports of small, medium and heavy weapons and allied security equipment for the Law Enforcement Agencies, Para-Military Forces and Military, in particular.


Ishaq Hussain (BE Mechanical Engineering) s/o Nooruddin is the Chief Manager Operation of the company and has been in the field for the last 40 years. Mr. Ishaq Hussain has been the sole financier of the company and is being instrumental behind all the planning and bringing the company to this level.

Factory Products Line

Currently the factory is in the process of manufacturing the following products:-

  1. 30 Bore Pistol & Ammunition
  2. 9mm Pistols & Ammunition
  3. Shotgun 12 Bore & Ammunition

Moreover, the manufacturing of anti-riot weapon such as:-

  1. Tear Gas Gun 37/38mm
  2. Vary light Flare Pistols
  3. Grenade Launcher 40mm

is carried over as per demand of the Law Enforcement and Para-Military Forces. It may be extended to furthermore if given a chance to develop other such products, indigenously under the registration with Ministry of Defense Production (DGMP).The work for the Law Enforcement, Para-military & military  forces is taken as per the order placed by the different departments from time to time.